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May 31
at Barking Legs Theater
$5-10 sliding scale

A mercerized variety show that beams the limelight on esoteric expressions and hidden histories as imparted by raconteurs, mythologists, comedians, visionaries, musicians, hawkers, barkers, and Holy Fools.

Bob Stagner

Bob Stagner is the only artist to have ever performed with both Dolly Parton and Derek Bailey. A founding member of the Shaking Ray Levi Society and one half of the legendary duo the Shaking Ray Levis, Stagner has been an undeniable force for radical thought, perpetual creativity, and total improvisation. Percussionist, educator, and community leader, evidence of Stagner's indelible impact can be found throughout Chattanooga, the Mid-South, and beyond.


The Cherry Blossoms

The legendary Cherry Blossoms create the finest free folk music and spirit, transferring the sublime radiant bright energy they summon, leaving none unaffected by their unpolished majesty. Enchanting ethereal interweaving threads of rhythm and melody easy to adore, delivered confidently in stride or in amble by its unassuming body of believers, the figureheads John Allingham (vocals, guitars, harmonica, kazoo) and Peggy Snow (vocals, acoustic guitar, kalimba, spoons, kazoo, outdoor painter of doomed buildings), along with invertible inventive percussionist Chris Davis, and a rotating cast of naturals.


Jeff Zagers

Performing at sundown, the magic kid smoothly navigates his full-length mazes with introverted determination, leading us by lantern through endless sectionals and segues; through the gateway points and ports of call. Sequenced surfaces are complicated by polished ravels of melody, harmony, noise, syncopation, plot-driven chord progressions, tone expression and color, electronic nerve, crime jazz scenery, mainstream minimalism, and a humble, vulnerable lyricism influenced by folk tradition and the Romantics. Sunset spectrum of sympathetic themes, ancient meditative innocence, mortal and supernatural, alienation, compassion, health and restlessness, crisp beauty and confinement.


Jenny Moon Tucker

An immovable musician and visual artist, rooted in teetering sound illusorily planted amidst chaos and order. Activating and accessing unseen states of mind through concept, technique, intuition, and mood, favoring the progression of flitting momentariness built upon the density of experience. Clustered patterns extract the streamers of subconscious depths. Tucker illuminates the discarded and deranges the traditional, as a soloist, or as a force in the collaborative setting (e.g. the transcendental improvisational group Twilight Memories of the Three Suns).


Pony Payroll Bones

Conductor of vibrational visions scarred on haunted hardwood in empty murk, rooms and foliage. Matthew Doyal Pony Payroll Bones Proctor leaves life in his artifacts-surges of electric on smeared canvas, vivid swirls of text, and red performance. His art is created, with focus command and urgency, in storms. It unearths the invisible nerves belonging to spirits in tunnels of possession and dirt. Strata of fluidity, lyricism, grace, torque, friction, fuzz, and further turns. Disparity lends dimension to arrangement; tumult ripples reflection. A spectral nonlinear history.


Zack Kouns
(Ironton, OH)

Zack Kouns is the renaissance man of Ironton. Insomnia, mania, momentum, vision, and inspiration fuel his inimitable outpourings. Dedicated and destined to fashion an infinite body of expression dealing with the ins and outs of existence, his multicolored mythology, expanded through music film prose comedy and other outlets as seen fit, is simultaneously cosmic and personal. Rituals, creations, meditations and lucid hallucinations on sorrow, merriment, hunger, lunacy, ecstasy, longing, despair, love, redemption, among other aspects of consciousness.


Tom Landis

Former private investigator and public defender, Tom Landis is one the last great raconteurs of the Mid-South. Competition gunslinger and archetypal Southern gentleman, Landis co-hosted "Outside Pleasures" with the late Dennis Palmer; a legendary Southern-fried surrealist guerrilla radio program that ran every Saturday from 1988-1995 on WUTC Jazz 88 at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. "Outside Pleasures" synthesized Lord Buckley style humor with pseudo-scientific and academic jargon in an fast-paced semi-improvised fashion. The program often featured live performances and interviews with some of the most innovative and adventurous artists from across the globe. Tom Landis is a pure anachronism and a hidden treasure of Chattanooga.

Outside Pleasures

Red Okra King

The Red Okra King is everyone's favorite oracular and elusive geodesic gnome. An astral being and protector of the Southern Appalachian dream world-- bridging the gap between the opposing forces of Santa Claus and Cthulu. This year, with the simultaneous aging/shrinking of Curly Shoulders, we have seen the emergence of Lovey Dovey; the latest proxy and ambassador of the Red Okra King. As any witness can attest to, each and every Red Okra King appearance is one that will not soon be forgotten. Step up to the rainbow wall and prepare yourself for a world of tattooed werewolves, baby-eating robots, and anthroposophical fairy-tales.


hosted by Westwood Murray & the SY Boys

audio preview of the performers: soundcloud mix

Dilating Nexus